Structured Cabling

"A site survey may be completed by the installer, system designer, or system engineer depending on team responsibilities. Lists of all the cables to be installed can be computer generated or hand written, and act as a roadmap for work during installations"

Network Cabling

   New technologies can easily be incorperated into a home or business through this cabling. 

Costing out a cabling system

  Many important decisions can lead a building owner or tenant to justify the installation of a new cabling system, and is usually a direct outgrowth of a decision to upgrade a company's technological capabilities. The first step is to develop a cost estimate for the installation, which involves translating the owners needs into a design that fits with the budgeted cost. During the coarse of a project, from pre-wire to close-out, it is important that all parties in the process provide a thorough breakdown of cost. Working with the owner, our systems contractor determines cable pathways, quantity of workstations, number of connections for each workstation, and the type and size of backbone. Related facility cost, such as telecomunications closets, sleeves, & raceways must be accounted for at this stage. The result is a budget estimate given to the owner for approval. Typically , the owner will suggest changes to proposed cabling system, if for example, the costs exceeds the projects budget or the communications network architecture changes because of operating considerations that require additional cabling or location of termination points. The bid process provides hard labor-and-material cost, and its now time to prepare a final detailed budgeted estimate.