Who's your Electronic Systems Contractor

    Understanding your ISP's (internet service provider) scope of work can be a bit confusing once you step into the business world. Most service providers are only responsible for providing their brands line of service, which can include everything from the plant up to their supported devices. Integrating your IoT devices and more with the existing structured cabling at the physical location of your business is completely up to your disclosure. Without an experienced I.T. to guide you through the process, there are many scenarios that can become very costly and counter productive. Our purpose is to increase business productivity by educating our clients on how to effectively use technology to provide better service for potential and existing customers and/or clients. Weather our customers are transfering from one isp to another or moving to new location all together, we will operate in a manner that will cost the business minimum down time by carefully scheduling and planning appoinments based on hours of operation.

Home Office / Small Office Network

An effective network may require services such as Phone, Internet, Audio/Video, Security, Access Control & more. Our Wired and Wireless Networks are essentials that provide our clients with a reliable source of connectivity & communications.


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Saftey, Surveillance, & Security 

Video Surveillance is a tool used to protect people, property, enhance safety, & improve productivity. You have many assets to protect so you will need to make sure  your system does exactly what u expect it to do. Don't run the risk of something happenning and then discover that video was not properly captured.



A/V Media Distribution

Binary media over ip, is the modern way to do AV distribution. Using the network as the backbone, 4kHDR content can be sent from any number of sources to any umber of displays to create a completely scalable solution. And thanks to Ovrc, the system is easy to setup, control, and manage remotely. This is media over ip perfected. 


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Our boardroom system is great for professional meeting spaces in corporate environments. Its sleek and elegant style is sure to impress while not being over budget.


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"Our efficent, non-invasive technology assurance plan helps us solve problems fast so you don't have to drop eveything if your system goes down"