Smart Home Technology

"Our integrated systems are designed to give you the quality and assurance your home deserves"

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Home Network

Rapid growth in the technology sector is changing the way producers and consumers communicate, manage, and operate new tehnologies. Your home network is the backbone of todays connected devices and your network limits may vary depending upon which service providers are available within your geographical location. Our network solutions are designed to maximize your network usage, security, & management using our structured cabling systems, routers & switches, wireless networks, vpn & 4g Lte network failover. Our customer tailored OvrC Cloud application will give each authorized user access to manage priority components within the home network.




Smart thermostats automatically adjust the temperature helping save money & energy. Program scenes for lights, fans, & shades to adjust on a schedule that mirriors your thermostat. Security, surveillance, & safetly device alerts keep you informed on whats happening throughout your day. Smart door locks, garage door control, & video doorbells allow communicaton & access to authorized family, friends, etc. 

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Multi-room music systems are music zones with independent volume & source control. Our complete home audio solutions will give you single room surround sound and/or audio thoughout the entire home. 

A/V Distribution Systems - LCD, LED, & Oled flat panel displays and projectors, controllers, transmitters & recievers can be apart of your (dedicated/living room) home theatre. Video walls can be used in game rooms, film rooms, or in any preferred space needed. Our outdoor entertainment solutions include landscape speakers, subs, & outdoor tv panels.  

The Outdoor Experience

Outdoor TV Panels display at least 30% brighter picture and are designed to operate in different weather environments. 

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Smart Lease Program

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Our smart living solutions provide a confortable user experience that gives you control over your living space. On move-in day, you immiedately recieve full access to all of the smart devices in your rental space with no setup required! Smart devices may include Door Locks, Thermostats, Lighting, & More. 

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Property Manager

Our system integration helps you become more efficient, save money, detect issues before they become bigger problems, and increase customer satisfaction. Smart Technolgy helps you lease units faster than ever by providing your tenants with access to control there environment .  

Cloud Management

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