Clare Home Provides The Ultimate Smart Home Experience


    Full-featured Smart Home, Security, & Lifestyle 

    Clares industry-disrupting smarthome automation and security products enhance safety and convenience, helps conserve energy, and integrate Entertainment - all in one sleek, easy to use app. Clare specializes in software development and product manufacturing including Smart Home Hubs, Wireless Security, Smart Lighting, Smart Thermostats,  Amplifiers, Recievers, Streamers & more.

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    Our Tv Installations come with many different options from Tv Mounts to Cable Management which may include relocating power outlets and making sure all wires are hidden and secured within one of our In-Wall Storage Systems. 

    Multi-room music systems are music zones with independent volume & source control. Our complete home audio solutions will give you single room surround sound and/or audio thoughout the entire home.   

    A/V Distribution Systems - LCD, LED, & Oled flat panel displays,  projectors, controllers, transmitters & recievers can be apart of your (dedicated/living room) home theatre. Our outdoor entertainment solutions include landscape speakers, subs, & outdoor tv panels.  

    The Outdoor Experience

    Outdoor TV Panels display at least 30% brighter picture and are designed to operate in different weather environments. 

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    Smart Lease Program

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    Our smart living solutions provide a confortable user experience that gives you control over your living space. On move-in day, you immiedately recieve full access to all of the smart devices in your rental space with no setup required! Smart devices may include Door Locks, Thermostats, Lighting, & More. 

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    Property Manager

    Our system integration helps you become more efficient, save money, detect issues before they become bigger problems, and increase customer satisfaction. Smart Technolgy helps you lease units faster than ever by providing your tenants with access to control there environment .  

    Preventive Maintenance 

    Remote service reduces downtime and troubleshooting issues saving you time and energy that can be used towards other priorites.

    We'll provide pro-active support for all your ip electronics, and we'll also ensure those devices operate using the latest software, so yoour investments stay protected over time.

    You've got enough on your plate, let a professional maintain your new system.