Who’s Your I.T.

Our purpose is to increase business productivity by educating our clients on how to effectively use technology to provide better service for potential and existing customers and/or clients. Our Installations will be completed seamlessly. Weather our customers are transfering from one isp to another or moving to a new location all together, we will operate in a manner that will cost the business minimum down time by carefully scheduling and planning appointments based on hours of operation.

Understanding your ISP’s (internet service provider) scope of work can be a bit confusing once you step into the business world. Most Service Providers are only responsible for providing their brands line of service, Which can include everything from the plant up to their supported devices. However you plan to integrate your Internet, Phone, Surveillance, Av, Lighting, Access Control, and more with the existing structured cabling at the physical location of your business is completly up to your disclosure. Without an experienced I.T. to guide you though the process, there are many scenarios that can become very costly and counter productive.

Entertainment and Education
Stream Movies and Tv from the Internet throughout the home or office
Download and listen to music anywhere
Play online games any time
Participate and interact with online classes
Easily research information

Access to Technology
Services are delivered to the home or business
Structured wiring and electronic systems provide access to inside and outside content, along with outside services, and distribute these signals throughout.
New technologies can easily be incorporated into a home or business through this cabling. Ex. Voip, Streaming Audio/Video, Camera Systems, Access Control, etc

Ease of use
Easy to connect outlets
Route services using wired infrastructure
Easily add outside services
Control multiple systems
Control temperature and humidity
Adjust the intensity of lights
Use only one remote for home media systems
Automate appliances – Pool pumps, Sprinkler systems, Outdoor lighting
Lighting and environmental sensors can identify when a person is in a room

Provides access throughout the home or business
Electronic systems share information together
Easy to change the use of outlets: Today a phone, Tomorrow a camera input, Later a network jack

Home Technology Solutions can be located almost anywhere on just about any size device: A single button can turn off all lights, A computer at the office can be used to monitor a video camera at the front door of a home, A cellular phone can act as a control device.

Future Proofing
Structured wiring and electronic systems create flexible infrastructure for tomorrow’s technologies.
Many modern systems as well networks operate on a variety of category rated cables.
Including conduit and pull strings to makes future wiring easy

Energy Efficency
Motion sensors detect no one is there, environmental control system goes to an energy saving temperature.
Motorized window treatments close and open ceiling fans start automatically to cool a warm area before using air conditioning. Lighting control dimmers can increase the life of incandescent light bulbs and reduce energy consumption. System interfaces and software can save energy by communicating with providers to lower demand during peak usage times via the developing “Smart Grid”

Saftey & Security
Cameras show children in a pool or backyard
Motion detectors turn on lights in a dark hallway
In-car garage door opener can turn on lights
Neck pendant can alert a medical emergency
Cameras provide surveillance outside a location.
Home has a “lived-in look” while family is away
Send the owner a voice mail, text, or email
In a fire emergency, light a safe path to outside, and signal firefighters with flashing lights